The SCHEVEN Engineering GmbH is a subsidiary of the SCHEVEN Group GmbH and works with international civil engineering clients. We are outstanding due to an interesting experience portfolio, our exceptiobal service and our broad expertise in the areas of structural physics, construction controlling, structural engineering and statics.

SCHEVEN Engineering GmbH handles residential construction projects and shopping malls throughout Europe. In Germany we manage projects from various sectors, such as retirement homes, commercial, traffic and sports facilities. Our services cover both new construction projects and the refurbishment and modernisation of existing buildings.

Structural engineering


  • Reinforced concrete construction (reinforced concrete and steel-concrete composites, prefabricated construction)
  • Masonry construction
  • Steel construction
  • Timber construction
  • Glass construction
  • New builds
  • Renovation

Auxiliary specialist planning


  • Architectural acoustics (sound insulation)
  • Thermal insulation in accordance with EnEV (Energy Saving Ordinance) and energy balancing
  • Constructive fire prevention
  • Excavation support and lining
  • Procurement of specialist engineers and specialists (soil surveyors, building services, room acoustics, etc.)

Old Courthouse – Berlin

Expert opinions


    In the area of structural engineering and building damage:

  • Drafting expert opinions
  • Drafting renovation plans

Engineering advice


  • Drafting feasibility studies for new builds, conversions and old buildings
  • Drafting structural design concepts
  • Construction controlling

Ruhrbania – BF1


Telephone: +49 30 224980-132