SCHEVEN Group GmbH provides a comprehensive range of services in the following core areas:

  • Engineering services
  • Contractor management
  • Property management
  • Project management and development
  • Real estate financing
  • Social consulting
  • LED lighting concepts

“The greatest honour one can bestow upon someone is to trust them.”

Matthias Claudius

For over 25 years, the medium-sized companies under the umbrella of SCHEVEN Group GmbH have handled all services relating to real estate. Our line of work is development and investment, focusing on affordable residential and senior-citizen housing as well as on public real estate in Europe.

SCHEVEN Group GmbH operates real estate service offices in Berlin, London, Sofia and Hong Kong. We offer innovative concepts and future-oriented solutions in all aspects of the real estate cycle.

By bundling the expertise of experienced professionals in the company, we provide full service for your real estate portfolio or your project ideas from a single source. This not only saves clients considerable costs and coordination efforts, but also ensures that all contracted services are optimally coordinated with each other.

The in-house database (S-Data), which we have built up since 2003, enables SCHEVEN Group GmbH to provide its worldwide customers with up-to-date technical and commercial data on its managed properties and projects through secure online access.